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BATESVILLE, AR (November 18, 2020) - The Intimidator Group, is excited to announce the launch of the eNVY® Neighborhood Vehicle, a new 48 volt, electric-powered crossover vehicle. 
Designed to fill a multitude of needs in the personal transportation vehicle marketplace, the eNVy can be used for golfing, neighborhood use, personal work, or a workhorse for cities. It outperforms the competition as the crossover that America needs. 
The eNVy Neighborhood Vehicle features include rotomolded plastics, keyless ignition, power steering, 7” LCD touchscreen, cargo bed capacity of 450 pounds, vehicle payload of 1000 pounds, auto-engaging electric brakes, four 12-volt deep-cycle batteries, and 12” wheels. With a state of the art built-in charging system, the eNVy cruises at speeds up to 20 MPH and is built with American steel. 
Robert Foster, Intimidator Group President stated, “We’re very excited about our newest company and product line. We saw a need in the marketplace that was missing and designed the eNVy to fill that, there’s nothing like it. Built with rugged durability and the ultra-quiet AC brushless motor, it’s the best of both worlds. It really is something that will catch people’s eyes when they see it.”
The eNVy is currently available in a four-seater model, the NV-4, and will have an expanded product line within the next year. 
About eNVy Neighborhood Vehicle: 
The eNVy is the newest product line to the Intimidator Group. With its heavy-duty frame, unique design, and smooth ride the eNVy is the ultimate in personal transportation. For more information visit
About Intimidator Group: 
Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Batesville, Arkansas, the Intimidator Group is focused on the purpose that life is precious, so help people make the most of it. The Intimidator Group family includes Spartan Mowers, Intimidator UTV, Bad Dawg Accessories, Gourmet Guru Grill, GroundHog Max, and eNVy Neighborhood Vehicle. For more information visit

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